My Story

  Hello & Welcome!! I am the proud wife of a Disabled U.S. Army Combat Veteran who served with the Nevada Army National Guard in Afghanistan. So thankful and happy to have him home again!!  I have to tell you, My Soldier LOVED his Scentsy while he was there..and so did a few of his "brothers"!! Thankfully, the warmer, scents, tins & room sprays that I posted to him arrived intact. He passed them on to a fellow soldier who arrived just before my husband left and gave him with something to hopefully liven his spirits with scents that remind him of home! :)  I am so excited to be able to share Scentsy with you! And more so, I am ever so thankful to be excited about SOMETHING!! I didn't think that was going to happen until  my husband came home again! Now that he is HERE, I am even MORE excited to have a partner in my Scentsy biz, 'cause I could sure use the help! I have a passion for SCENTSY that is contagious!  I love the flexibilty and in the last 6+ years it has truly become a part of my life! Believe me, I am NO recruiter, but there are SO MANY awesome things happening with this company on a DAILY basis, that if you were even THINKING of starting your OWN home-based  business.. Please contact me asap to get more detailed information on how to jump on this amazing opportunity filled ride with me! I'll be happy to share my excitement with you! I need all the help I can get! Buckle up, tho! It's gonna be one ScentSational journey! My favorite question that I love to be asked is "What is Scentsy?" Well, let me tell you....Text FLAMELESS to 90210 Thank You & God Bless!   <!--endbody-->